Sunshine Developmental Playgroup

Who Are We and What Our Aims Are?

The Sunshine Developmental Playgroup is a registered charity set up in 1985 by a local GP who recognised the need for a service to help young people (aged 0-5 years) with developmental needs in the Keith District. 

Our group can cater for up to 10 children at a time, with 4 staff members, this allows for a high  adult to child ratio which we find beneficial to all. 

We have to adhere to regulations set by the Care Inspectorate for Scotland  and all staff and visitors to the group are checked for suitability. 

The Aims of Sunshine

  • Sunshine aims to provide a stimulating, friendly environment for the children attending.

  • We cater for a variety of special needs, not all of them medical. 

  • Our service is much more individual than mainstream and visiting therapists can access  several children  under their care in one location.

We cater for all needs.  Health Visitors will refer children to the group 
for Social, Physical and Psychological reasons as well as family 

Our specialised pre-school provision eases the transition to mainstream 
for many children, and can highlight areas where problems may arise 
in the future when they start Nursery or school.

  • Any programmes supplied by therapists WILL be implemented by the group in order to help the child realise their full potential

  • Children in our setting behave differently from when a parent is present, and assessments are made accordingly.

  • Training of staff is on-going, normally 3 training sessions per year alongside other developmental playgroups in the area, as well as any individualised training requirements.

  • Statutory agencies can co-ordinate through the group at review meetings and  future development for each child planned holistically.

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